Recently, TPCO, which is short for TIANJIN PIPE CORPORATION, has successfully completed the contract of supplying 16MO3 large gas turbine pipes to Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine Co., Ltd.

16MO3 Steel Tube from TPCO

China’s large gas turbines have been dependent on imports for a long period time. To achieve localization, Shanghai Electric and Gas Turbine Co., Ltd. has carried out localization research on large gas turbines. However, the key part for large gas turbines – 16Mo3 steel tubes, which is with thin thickness, cannot be purchased domestically, leading to the hindrance of large gas turbines localization.

After TPCO got the contract of producing 16MO3 steel pipes, the technical group from company made elaborate production plans and formed production departments such as tube rolling mills and pipe processing plants to carry out fine production, so as to make sure the quality and quantity of the products as well as items can be delivered on schedule. Four months later, after careful production, TPCO finally completed the task, and the production of 16MO3 steel pipe has been successfully achieved.