2020 Annual Meeting of Guangdong Stainless Steel Industry Successfully Held

On 23th December of 2020, a grand annual meeting was held in Foshan. The meeting was sponsored by Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association, and organized by China Building Materials Market Association of Guangdong. Leaders from government, representatives of association members, special guests and united associations were invited to attend this meeting. More than 530 people stayed together, talking about the development of industry development, and welcoming the coming of New Year.

Working Report

Mr. Lin Zeyu, Chairman of Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association, Party Secretary, and Chairman of China Building Materials Market Association of Guangdong, firstly gave a conclusion of working done in the year of 2020, and he also put up the major work plan for the year of 2020. Mr. Lin pointed out, “In the past year, all the works have been carried forward in a down-to-earth and orderly manner, which made us win the honor of Pilot Unit in Foshan Stainless Steel Industry and Association for Organizing against COVID-19 in Guangdong. At the same time, we have laid a solid foundation for further improving, strengthening and building a first-class brand Association.”

On Mr. Lin’s report, he summarized and reviewed the main work done in this year from six aspects, and clarified the key work plan that was going to be achieved in the next year. He made some clear points on what shall be done next year, including where to begin the work, what to be combined and where to be focused on. He said, “the year of 2021 is first year of the 14th Five-year Plan. The association will firmly seize the development opportunities brought by the “double cycle” and the “high quality” national strategies, and continue to use “points to areas” method, and combine the points with areas to promote the development of this industry.”

Mr. Lin Zeyu

Mr. Lin Zeyu

Awarding Session

During the meeting, the participating leaders awarded the certificates and plaques to the new members of the association, warm-hearted members and the 2nd demonstration spots in Foshan stainless steel industry.

Launching ceremony

Standards will guide the norms, and promote the development. During the meeting, the leaders and members of Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association jointly took the stage to launch the group standard revision of “Stainless Steel Welded Pipe for Decoration Purpose”, “Stainless Steel Plate for Decoration Purpose”, as well as “Stainless steel Industry Integrity Demonstration Operation Code” and “Collective Trademark Management Code”.

Addressing Session

During the speech, Mr. Wu Weibin, Chairman of Guangdong Stainless steel Materials & Products Association, expressed his sincere thanks and warm welcome to invited leaders and guests on behalf of the associations. Mr. Wu said, “In the past year, stainless steel industry faced both challenges and opportunities, difficulties and hope. Everyone marched forward despite the difficulties and pressure. Meanwhile, we have seen that the stainless-steel industry was reshaping its competitiveness and its industrial concentration was further upgraded in this year. And the extension and expansion of the upstream and downstream enterprises in this industrial chain have forced the needs to change and improve to become a new hot topics and development direction for current situation.

He also pointed out, “The year of 2021 was the start of the 14th Five-year Plan. Under the new era and the new situation, the association will continue to follow the idea of High-quality Development, and fully understand and grasp the opportunities brought by China and Guangdong’s supply-side structural reform. We need to improve our political position, further strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of the association, and always adhere to the correct political direction and standardize the conduct of the conference. We should vigorously advocate the integrity of business philosophy, continue to create a good atmosphere in the industry, stimulate more member units to participate in the integrity of business demonstration. Besides, we will continue to cultivate, polish and maintain the brand of Guangdong quality in stainless steel sector to help this industry grow stronger, better and bigger. We should continue to strive to be a good staff assistant of the government and an effective helper of enterprises, pay close attention to the demands and expectations of members, try every means to promote the connection between supply and demand, broaden the application field, and strive to provide more valuable services for members.

Mr. Wu Weibin

Mr. Wu Weibin

Mr. Chen Jiongsheng, Director of the Administration of Social Organizations of Guangdong, also gave an address on behalf of the registration administration authority. And he extended his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and members who in favor of the development of social organizations in Guangdong. In his speech, he spoke highly of the association’s work and gave the encouragement. He said, “Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association has been pragmatic and adhering the law since the establishment. The measures carried out by the association, and its solid practices, gained achievements, role, image, brand, and creative experience are worthy of full recognition and high praise. It has won the recognition and trust of all sectors of society and is worthy of learning and reference from social organizations in Guangdong.

Mr. Chen Jiongsheng

Mr. Chen Jiongsheng

Chen also pointed out, “Chinese Party and the country have always attached great importance to the development of social organizations. They have successively issued policy documents on reforming the management system of social organizations and promoting the healthy and orderly development of social organizations, requiring social organizations to give full play to their active roles in serving the country, society, the people and the service industry. On 4th and 5th Plenary sessions of the 19th CPC,  Central Committee further pointed out the direction for the development of social organizations, clearly proposing to strengthen the Party’s leadership over social organizations, promote consultation among social organizations, and give play to the role of social organizations in building a new pattern of social governance at the grass-roots level.

Dinner Session

During the dinner session, Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association presented an artistic performance for the participants. Wonderful arts programs interspersed with the lottery session added a festive, warm atmosphere for the site. And it also gave a cheer for the construction and development of association and Guangdong stainless steel industry in the New Year.

In 2021, Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials & Products Association will continue to absorb positive energy, play a new role and create new advantages. Under the guidance of new development concept and new development pattern, the association will work together with majority of stainless-steel enterprises in Guangdong and do a good job for the development of China’s stainless- steel industry.