Recently, the new office of Guangdong Lesso Stainless Steel Co., Ltd of Stainless Steel Pipe Industry has officially put into use, and its second factory will be put into production.

Guangdong Lesso Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of LESSO Group, is under the control of the vice-chairman from Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association.

LESSO Stainless Steel Pipe Industry

The high-level officials from Lesso visited two large factories which major in producing stainless steel. In Guangqing Technology, they leaned about the techniques of stainless steel, production line and its process. In Tsing Ta Group, they learned wire and rod production process as well as product performance. And they suggest to replace the copper with stainless steel. Besides, they also suggest to use the stainless-steel pipes in water supply area, drainage, or natural gas pipeline, and put forward some requirement for stainless-steel pipe in its cutting, health, safety, corrosion resistance and other performance.

According to the source, LESSO has formed a stainless-steel project group to plan the development of stainless-steel pipe industry. And soon, the company will invest more in stainless-steel industry and fully march for it.