On 2nd February, India’s Vedanta Limited successfully produced the first batch of molten iron, which marks that the blast furnace upgrade project was put into operation. This project was contracted with MCC Group.

MCC group

On 19th May of 2020, both Vedanta Limited and MCC signed the EPC contract. By the end of October, MCC Group successively completed the equipment production and equipment inspection. Then the equipment was shipped separately to the port. And the whole procedures just took about 60 days, including completion of furnace shell, cooling stave, resistant materials installation, and electrical automation upgrade, which showed India “Chinese Speed”.

Currently, due to pandemic, the situation in India is very severe. The project team overcame a lot of difficulties, including short-term construction time, closure of visa and airlines, and not being able to guide and help on site. But with its sprit of high responsibilities abiding the contract, the team finally finished this project through day-and-night mailing, international calling and videoing, to provide Vedanta Limited guidance and answer to the difficulties.

About MCC Group

As a super conglomerate, China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC Group) is the longest-running construction force in China’s iron and steel industry, serving as the pioneer and main force in this field.

From 1948, when it participated in the construction of Ansteel, the cradle of China’s iron & steel industry, to the construction of WISCO, Baogang Group, TISCO, Pangang Group, and Baosteel, MCC has undertaken the planning, investigation, design and construction of major production facilities of nearly all large and medium iron and steel enterprises in China, hence becoming the founder of the “iron and steel backbones” of China.