During the National Conference on Industry and Information Technology of 2021, Mr. Xiao Yaqing, educeinister of Industry and Information Technology, gave an address, saying low-carbon activities and green engineering projects shall be implemented based on peak-to-peak and carbon-neutral targets. Steel industry is a highly intensive energy consumption industry, and it must cut down the production of crude steel to ensure that the output of crude steel falls year-on-year.

crude steel production

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s green manufacturing level continued to improve, and the target of 150 million tons cutting steel production was achieved in advance. For designated enterprises, their energy consumption decreased significantly.

Promoting green development of manufacturing industry is a general trend. Every industry and every where are trying to promote low carbon and energy savings, such as Hangzhou Jiande Power Supply Company of China Grid made an energy saving diagnosis, carried out a distributed photovoltaic power generation plan, and complete grid-connected power generation. Currently, carbon pipe control technology has been applied in many steel enterprises, and low-carbon development evaluation system has been gradually established.

According to the report, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will vigorously implement China’s domestic industrial low-carbon activities and green manufacturing project in 2021, and further strengthen efforts to reduce production of crude steel and output. It will also issue new measures on capacity replacement of steel industry, and improve the early-warning mechanism for capacity information.