Joko Widodo “I believe the port will connect industry sector and other different sectors, from manufacturing to agriculture of Indonesia”

Last Sunday, President in Indonesia held an inauguration ceremony for its new port – Patimban, which is one of the largest harbors in Indonesia. The new port has already started to be in operation, and it has sent out 140 new cars to Brunei

The project costs about $3 billion by West Java Government, and $1.2 billion is supported by Japan side. It is known that there are at least 10 car manufacturers (including Japan Brand) near the new port, and its development will help to reduce the cost of transportation.

Patimban locates in the east of Jakarta, and just 85 miles from Danjung Priok Port. According to the research done by JICA in 2017, the existing ports in Indonesia is very crowded, and there is no extra space for these ports to get expanded. The new port will reduce the transportation pressure.

The research also shows that the overloaded infrastructures in Danjung Priok has led to the increased cost of manufacturing industry, and reduced the passion of investors to set up new factories in West Java. Besides, there are some problems in those existing ports, including high fees for container stocking, cargo theft, and casual custom procedure.

JICA also predicts, after Patimban being fully completed, two-thirds of road freight and one-third of container cargos can be handled. And this 900-acre new port can accommodate 250 thousand containers and 220 thousand cars. It is estimate that the whole project will be done before 2027.

Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

During the speech made by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Sunday, he said: “During the pandemic, we have achieved one of our strategic projects —- Patimban. Due to its strategic position, I believe it will connect industry sector and other different sectors, from manufacturing to agriculture. And our exports can be increased. “