According to a guideline issued by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, non-biodegradable disposable plastic straws will be domestically banned to use in the catering industry from the end of 2020. Will this be a opportunity for stainless steel straw?

Stainless-Steel Straw

Stainless-Steel Straw

Also, according to the Prevention Law on Solid Waste Pollution, which was carried out on 1st September, regulates that behavior of using non-disposable plastic will be fined with ¥10000 to ¥100000 CNY.

It is known to us all is that restricting plastic is an effective way to protect our environment. It will cost us much more if we continue to use plastic straw, no matter how convenient it is. In 2020, China has produced 46 billion straws, which weigh at 30 thousand tons. And 30 straws are used for each person.

However, the straws are not required to be un-plastic. There are some shop owners choosing to use stainless steel straws.

For stainless steel straw, it is more environmental than plastic one. And it can be used for many times. Also, when it comes to the hot drinks, stainless-steel straws are healthier than plastic one.

And Compared with paper straws, the stainless-steel one can be repeatedly used, sanitized and cleaned. Besides, its surface will not be easily scratched or ruined.