JISCO Maintenance of Winter Launched

To ensure the equipment can be safely and stably run in the winter, the hot rolling mill (subsidiary) of JISCO recently organized a 36-hour JISCO maintenance for all equipment. JISCO has strict requirements in production, which comes to be the guarantee of its products.

Established in 1958, JISCO is the largest carbon steel and stainless steel production base in Northwest China. It has three steel production bases in Jiayuguan, Yuzhong in Lanzhou, and Yicheng in Shanxi. The steel production capacity has reached 10 million tons (including 1 million tons of stainless steel), and the main technical equipment level ranks first in the country.

JISCO Maintenance of Winter Launched

This maintenance project covers wide ranges and multiple tasks, including sealing and rewelding the heating furnace, replacing the edger roll of rolling mill, changing the dabber of coiler furnace, and so on. To ensure this project will be safely, effectively and successfully carried out, people from Equipment & Energy Department and Safety & Security Department, leaders as well as technicians all take it seriously, and treat it carefully. Every task is well organized and considered, which creates the conditions for the final success, and saves a lot of time. Since the safety and quality are the most important factors in whole procedure, all the maintained items are coordinated and guided by Equipment & Energy Department and Safety & Security Department. And all the maintenance tasks are strictly followed “Six Haves”. During the operation, the technicians well control the deadline of each task, and monitored the projects to be carried out safely by the related operators.

During maintenance, the technicians and inspectors from different department cooperated with each other in JISCO maintenance. After courageous struggle and with cautiousness, they finally finished tis projects with quality and quantity assured in 36 hours, and laid a foundation for factory’s future stable operation.

(Source: JISCO Hongxing Stainless Steel)