Recently, Ansteel has successfully produced world widest 7Ni stainless steel sheet with its thickness and width respectively reaching 5mm and 3400mm, marking that Ansteel’s ultra-thin and ultra-wide steel rolling technology has been standing at the leading position in the world. And it means that China has got a strong support in LNG storage and transport construction.

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The low temperature steel research team from Iron and Steel Research Institute of Ansteel developed the double layer rolling technology with independent intellectual property rights, which broke the specification limit of medium and thick plate mill and provided important support for the development and industrial production of other wide and thin specification products such as 7Ni steel.

In recent years, the needs for clean energy in China are growing rapidly, and the domestic demands for LNG exceeds 100 billion square meters. However, the LNG receiving stations are not enough in China, and its receiving capability is very limited. China has made a long-term plan for the construction of LNG receiving station, and there will be a huge supply demand for materials of LNG storage cans and transportation ship. It is estimated that the demands for 9Ni/7Ni stainless sheet steel will reach more than hundred thousand tons.

7Ni steel is a replacement of 9Ni steel, and it is a new generation of ultra-low temperature structure steel with nickel savings. In 7Ni steel, its Ni content is reduced by over 20%, which can greatly reduce the production cost. The Ni research team of Ansteel started to develop 9Ni steel in 2006, and has supplied more than 30 thousand tons steel to Petro China, Sinopec and CNOOC. Besides, low temperature steel research team started the laboratory research and industrial trial production of 7Ni steel in 2015, and has successfully developed 5-60mm full-thickness steel plate including ultra-thin and ultra-wide steel plate. With its performance beyond 9Ni steel, 7Ni steel is qualified for engineering application promotion.