On 25th January, Tsingtuo Group successfully run its seven-stand tandem cold rolling mill, which means that the world first seven-stand tandem cold rolling mill has officially put into operation.

Seven-stand tandem cold mill Tsingtuo

This project adopted the new generation of laser welding technology, and combined with small diameter four-high rolling mill as well as six-high rolling mill. The diameter of the smallest rolling mill is just 175mm, and its pressure bearing ability has been greatly strengthened. Although this product is just 0.38mm thin, its maximum speed can reach 450m per second. The stainless-steel frame of this product has achieved stale and continuous rolling, which create a new numeral requirement for stainless steel rolling tandem.

Tsingtuo Group belongs to Tsingshan Group. Tsingshan group is one of the largest steel manufacturers in China. Tsingshan Steel was established in Wenzhou in 1992, and it has a complete industrial chain of stainless-steel including mining, smelting, processing and sales. Currently, Tsing shan Group ranks 14th among the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China with its revenue reaching 262.6 billion yuan. And it is a leading, competitive multinational enterprise in the stainless steel industry.